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Welcome to I.C.O.N!

We believe that children are a gift from God (Psalm 127:3) and this ministry was built to ignite a passion for God in our children, so they become devoted followers of Jesus Christ. We want children of all abilities to feel welcomed, supported and equipped to face the daily challenges of this world.


To accomplish these God-given tasks, we focus on these main principles:

  • Honoring God

    • Provide Christ-centered teaching through scripture, videos, and worship in a fun way to meet children where they are.                            

  • Becoming Disciples

    • Allow children to grow in faith, character, and knowledge as they build a personal relationship with God and share with others.                                          

  • Building Families

    • Foster an environment of community, support, and encouragement to equip parents to build a solid spiritual foundation in their children’s lives  

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