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Overcame Church Serves Together


Our Ministries

Heart Help Team — We are the first line called to action in helping individuals utilize the Word of God to restore them back to a life God intended... Living freely in Jesus Christ.


Engagement Team — We are here to live life together within our Overcame Church family by creating engaging activities that foster spiritual growth and spiritual accountability through small group environments, whether meeting at a coffee shop or having a virtual game night.

Praise & Worship Team — We serve the purposes of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ through song, encouraging believers in their walk with Christ, leading the congregation in worship, and providing an avenue through which individuals may share their gifts and be an integral part of the worship experience.


Welcome Team — We provide the ministry of hospitality to both members and visitors coming to worship at Overcame. When we connect our hospitality with our story of being welcomed and embraced through the grace and love of Christ, it becomes more than just a technique. Hospitality embraces people with God’s heart of love, creating a warm and welcoming space where people feel at home and where strangers become friends and family.


New Members — Our focus is to lay a common foundation of understanding and teaching for the new member about our vision, beliefs, basic Christian doctrines, ministries, and services. The overarching principle is to support new members' spiritual training and growth. Our focus is to assist, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the relationship our new members can and will develop with Jesus Christ.


Outreach Team — Our focus is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone we meet through personal witnessing and the Word of God.  To provide spiritual, educational, and social events and activities throughout the community to promote Godly relationships.  To equip individuals to serve one another, first within their families, communities, our nation, and the world.


ICON Children’s Ministry — We help children become more like Jesus over time. It involves a series of actions or steps children take to achieve the desired end. Our process begins when we invite children to connect with Jesus and His Story. It develops as the grace and glory of Jesus are revealed. We exist for children to be exclusively devoted to Jesus and fully committed citizens in His kingdom.


Social Media & Marketing Team —  We communicate the message to the world through social media networks. Our objectives include interacting with and building a community, raising awareness of the church, programs, and activities, providing content to increase spiritual growth and maturity, and much more!


Audio, Visual, and Lighting (A/V/L) Team — We provide a broad range of media that enriches, enhances, and cultivates the worship experience for the church and community. We require a high level of commitment and give great satisfaction to our team members.  Our primary objective is to create an environment that will allow everyone to experience an encounter with our Lord, Jesus Christ.

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