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Please join us in saying our offering declaration

Offering Declaration

Heavenly Father, everything we have is a gift from you. As stewards, we bring our tithes and offerings, and we give back to you from the abundant blessings you have given us. Multiply what we give for the effective growth of your kingdom. 

We thank You for jobs and promotions, raises and bonuses, sales and commissions, gifts, inheritances, and unexpected checks in the mail. Lord, we pray for canceled debts, scholarships, dreams, and visions. We claim victory over depression, mental illness, low self-esteem, anger, fear, worry, and physical health. 

Help us to find our place in this world for Your service, pouring out the Holy Spirit in our lives to deliver the captive and bring salvation to the lost. We are blessed! And we will be a blessing to others.  May Your peace be in our hearts, Your grace be in our words, Your love be in our hands, and Your joy be in our souls. In Jesus’ name. 


With your generous gift, you are supporting the vision and the growing work of
Overcame Church. 

Overcame Church, LLC is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization.
All charitable contributions are tax-deductible.
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